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Yes, we have personal cell phone numbers. While we will sometimes give them to people who have already booked with us so they can reach out day-of if we step out for lunch or anything, we do not list our personal cell phone information. PLEASE do not give out our personal cell phone numbers to friends of yours who may want to book with us.

The easiest way to reach us it through one of these forms. If you have a question that is more general in nature, please email

We are booked at all hours of the day for film shoots, rehearsals, classes, and performances. By filling out a form or sending us an email, we can answer your queries without disrupting other bookings.


We understand that you want your show to be perfect. We get it. But our spaces are rented out by multiple people throughout the entire week, and often times you will not be the only booking to come in that day. We cannot and will not rearrange our entire space simply for your show. We don't have the time (or energy - our bones creak when we move) to fully reset the space each time. This is not an empty event space, this is not a venue that is 100% malleable to whatever you want. Hanging copious amounts of things from the walls, rearranging the audience setup, moving our speakers and light trees, etc can only be done with express permission of either Chris Weigandt or Genny Yosco ahead of time, and we gotta be honest the answer is usually no. You're renting an indie, blackbox theater space. Please, we're begging you, keep your expectations healthy and flexible.

On February 1st, 2021 (well, okay, technically January 30th, but the lease didn't start until February 1st), we decided to do the most stupid thing we have ever done and get our own theater space. This is something that we've wanted since we started producing in New York back in 2014, so we are excited and we already have too many plans and not enough time.

(Well, one of us has the time, as she was promptly fired from her job due to her acquiring this space. BUT ANYWAY.)

As the only lunatics to get a theater space during a pandemic, we knew the risks. We'd been producing in the city for almost seven years at that point in time, so basically the only change now was that we didn't have to rent space for each individual performance we wanted to do, and the only schedule we needed to work around was our own.

The biggest risk we did not forsee, however, was the building we'd signed a lease for selling to someone else four months into our year-long contract. They gave us two months to move out, and since we had bookings for a year, we were scrambling (around rehearsals and performances for our 2021 production of Noises Off) to find a new venue. The lovely team at Brooklyn Creative Lofts got us an even better and bigger space a week and a half after we were told we needed to leave our first one. Also our landlords here are 100% the best people.

When we renewed our lease at 274 Morgan Avenue in 2022, we added on a second studio space. The Cork Studio is two floors above The Vino Theater, and is here for your rehearsal needs, as well as very-exclusive performances. Seriously, we can only fit like 15 audience members in there. Don't go crazy.

As performers who know how insanely difficult it is to produce a show in NYC, we try our very best to keep things affordable for all artists. If anything below is out of your budget, please ask us about our volunteer program, in which you can exchange volunteer hours for free time in the space!

PLEASE NOTE!! Our venues are shared spaces, held within a shared building full of other creatives - musicians, painters, fashion designers, we've even got a hair salon on the same floor as The Cork. Please be respectful to anyone you might bump into in the hallways.




We're sure you have questions. We hopefully have answers.

​Both spaces are available to rent for performances, rehearsals, classes, screenings, and film shoots. We try to keep our rentals as affordable as humanly possible, because we personally understand how expensive it can be to produce a show in this city.

If you'd like to schedule a tour in advance, great! Email Genny at and she'll get you squared up. We'll find a time to get you in around bookings.

If you're booking for more than one day, you don't need to pay it all up front! We're not monsters, and we know that you have rent to pay and food to eat and all that stuff. We require a deposit to hold the dates you'd like (deposit is determined based on how many days you're booking) and then pay off the rest as you get closer to performance time.

We understand that this is The Future so we can do Venmo, PayPal (and credit card options on PayPal), CashApp, Zelle, checks, and cash - whatever works better for you.

If you need help running front of house (box office) and/or tech, all of our staff are trained up on how to do that. You do not need to pay extra for it. We're here anyway. You are in no way required to use staff for your front of house or tech booth fun times. We're here for you if you need it but we won't force our help on you.

We have limited furniture items! If you'd like to see what we've got before you lug in a bunch of stuff, we're happy to show you. If the furniture is here, you can use it. You don't need to pay extra. Like the staff, it's all here anyway.

We rent out on a first come, first serve basis. Whether you're a rehearsal, a class, a shoot, whatever you're doing, if you book it first the time is yours. We will not cancel or reschedule you for another booking. The only time we will cancel you is if there's an emergency (burst pipe, things like that), or if someone on your team has violated the No Divas Allowed policy in our contract. 

The No Divas Allowed policy essentially states that you can't yell at the staff and make us cry, especially for things outside of our control. We are an intimate blackbox venue in Brooklyn NY. We're not the Javits Center. There will be outside noise, we do not have a $5000 projector, and we're mostly just two staff members doing the work of 25 people with the occasional help of a small handful of volunteers. You get one warning, and then after that, either the offending party is removed or the event is cancelled and all remaining time is immediately refunded.

If you need to cancel on us for any reason, our cancellation policy is as follows:

Up to 7 days before - full refund

Between 7 days and 25 hours before - 50% back

24 hours before - no refund unless you can make a VERY good case for yourself

We're always happy to reschedule so long as we have the time available! If you need to push your show back or something, we understand. Things happen, pandemics occur, life gets in the way.

Okay, phew! We think that's most of it.

Cork Studio Rental Rates


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Below are our rental rates for our 40 - 50 seat theater. To apply, fill out one of the forms underneath.