We here at Sour Grapes Productions have been producing theater in this city since 2014. Before we became venue owners in 2021, one of our consistent struggles was even finding performance venues, their rates, contact information, etc. There were a few lists that weren't the most reliable in terms of how up to date they were, and other lists compiled every theater-adjacent space, including strictly rehearsal or photography studios, so you had to wade through all the venue listings that didn't allow performances to even find a place that did.

Even though we have our own spaces now, we still get irritated when we think about how hard it is for indie theater makers to figure out where they'll be producing their next show. So Genny, in a fit of rage during December 2022, compiled this list! The joke title that Genny came up with was KAYAK FOR THEATERS, in reference to Kayak.com and how you can easily compare flights and hotels, their whole catch phrase being "search one and done."

Down below you will see a list of independent theater venues in New York City. Sideways scroll to see all of their information, or at least everything that we could find of theirs listed online. You can also find websites and contact information. At the bottom are tabs for you to be able to sort this list alphabetically, by borough, audience size, and pay rates. Please note that we don't work for any of these venues so this is strictly what we were able to find online. We're not getting paid for this, it was truly a "through spite, all things are possible" moment that we are going to keep alive until our dying breath.

We here at Sour Grapes Productions want indie theater makers to thrive, first and foremost. While we'd love it if you decided to work in either of our venues, we also understand that you need to do what's best for you (so long as you don't do something rude, like book with us and then cancel/ditch us the minute another venue becomes available. Looking at you, Mike). If you see a venue on this list that you'd rather work with, and you wind up doing a whole show with them instead without even reaching out to us, we're still happy to have helped you on your creative journey.

While scrolling through this list, you'll probably notice some venues that have the phrase Unlisted or Unknown in various places. There might be one or two venue listings where that's all it says next to it. We're literally pulling this information from these place's websites, y'all. And to be honest, we don't like to list venues that have absolutely zero rental price information online - that kinda defeats the purpose of this whole thing. What we're trying to do for you here is provide an easy-to-access list of NYC theater venues and their rental rates. If you see a venue listed on here with basically no information, we were kinda bullied into adding it by people who have worked there, who also provided zero rental information.

Do you have additional information on a venue for us? Or do you have a venue that you want listed on here? Send Genny an email at genny@sourgrapesproductions.com and we'll talk. We WANT information on this page.

Wanna send a donation our way as a thanks for building this thing? We're sourgrapesprods on Venmo and CashApp!