It's Just Sour Grapes!

So Many Shakespeares submissions open Sunday March 21st
So Many Shakespeares submissions close Saturday May 8th
So Many Shakespeares invites sent Sunday May 16th
So Many Shakespeares runs Sunday July 18th - Saturday July 31st

For more information, visit our So Many Shakespeares page!

Improv Hell fest submissions open Saturday August 28th
Improv Hell fest submissions close Saturday September 30th
Improv Hell fest invites sent Sunday October 3rd
Improv Hell fest runs Sunday October 24th - Saturday November 6th

For more information, visit our Improv Hell page!

Down to Clown fest submissions open Saturday Feb 20th
Down to Clown fest submissions close Saturday April 10th
Down to Clown invites sent Sunday April 18th
Down to Clown Festival runs Sunday May 23rd - Saturday June 5th
For more information, visit our Down to Clown page!

Conceived by Genny Yosco (all the way down to the name and logo creation, baby!), So Many Shakespeares will be back and weirder than ever.

Brooklyn Fringe Fest submissions open Saturday June 12th
Brooklyn Fringe Fest submissions close Sunday October 3rd
Brooklyn Fringe Fest invites sent Sunday October 10th
Brooklyn Fringe Fest runs Sunday November 28th - Sunday December 12th

For more information, visit our Brooklyn Fringe Festival page!


Madonna-Whore Fest submissions open Sunday June 6th
Madonna-Whore Fest submissions close Saturday July 31st
Madonna-Whore Fest invites sent Sunday August 8th
Madonna-Whore Fest runs Wednesday August 18th - Tuesday August 31st

For more information, visit ourMadonna-Whore Theatre Festival page!