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Created by Thomas Hughes Bellavigna

Live Theatrical Adaptation. Modernizing, Politicizing, and Personalizing. Get introduced to works you may not have heard of, or see works you know in a new light. This series of one-man performances are 60-100 minutes of insight into the mind of Thomas Hughes Bellavigna; Performer, Director, Playwright, and Adapter.


December 23rd at 7:30pm : Hamlet
For the first Checkpoint we will connect ourselves to Hamlet through exploration of the famous soliloquy "To Be or Not To Be," dramaturgical research, and embodying Hamlet as a character that can personally link to Thomas. Come in with the knowledge you have of Hamlet, prepared to understand his struggle in a more personal and modern fashion and be open to some minor audience participation.

January 26th at 7:30pm : Cabaret
Our second Checkpoint will explore Berlin and the complacency of it's people before WW2. Sound familiar?
With accompaniment from Ryan Greenberg Failla we will dive into songs like "I Don't Care Much," "If You Could See Her," "Tomorrow Belongs To Me," and "Willkommen"
Beautiful music and unsettling context set the stage for an uncomfortable night of Historical reflection, that sadly isn't too far removed.
Be open to minor audience participation.

All performances will be at The Vino Theater, 274 Morgan Ave, 11211

Closest train is the L train to Grand Avenue