June 2018 -

An original short play of ours written by our own Genny Yosco called Subway Seat has been accepted to the 2018 NYC! Short Play Festival at the Player's Theater.

The show stars Amanda Nicastro (Passenger), Genny Yosco (Elliot), and Mike Spara (Logan), and you can get your tickets here!

April 2018 -
Photos of our THREE February shows have now been uploaded to our Past Projects page!

Video of our 2018 FRIGID Festival show, As He Likes It, can be found on our YouTube channel here.

Also, our newest short film, Don't Be Such a Dummy, is still running on YouTube! You can find it here.

It's Just Sour Grapes!

May 2018 -
We have SUCH good news for you guys - we have a home! PEOPLE LIKE US!

We are proud to announce that we are a resident company of Horse Trade and FRIGID New York. We will have shows every December, April, and summer season, and let me tell you we are EXCITED and TERRIFIED and CONSTANTLY PEEING.

To celebrate this massive achievement, we're having a one-night-only production of one of our favorite past productions, A Midsummer Night's Dream. We'll be playing May 24th at 7pm at the Kraine Theatre, and tickets can be found here - although just so you know, you get in for FREE if you show up in a toga! Yes, we are serious. Do it.

This show stars Sour Grapes Productions veterans Matthew Preston (Egeus), Bryan Songy (Lysander), Chris Weigandt (Hippolyta), Katherine Yacko (Hermia), and Genny Yosco (Titania).

We're also happy to welcome on (and maybe haze a little) Sour Grapes newbies Martin Cahill (Nick Bottom), Giordano Cruz (Snug/Peaseblossom), Jamie Green (Puck), Frankie Johnson (Petra Quince/Cobweb), Ryan Molloy (Demetrius), Michael Newman (Snout/Moth), Chris Olmsted (Oberon), Jay Reum (Francis Flute/Mustardseed), Leah Schwartz (Helena), and Julian Thomas (Theseus).

This is going to be an AMAZING and weird and fun show, so come hang out with us in togas and get weird.