September 2018 -
Get ready for some pirate-y fun, folks! Tempest is opening on Talk Like a Pirate Day, because we're those people.

We run September 19th - 23rd, and tickets can be found here. BUT! If you'd like to take your chances at the box office the day of and hope we haven't sold out, if you talk like a pirate to the box office staff, you'll get $5 off your ticket, and if you DRESS like a pirate, you get in for FREE!!

The show stars Chris Weigandt as Prospero, Katherine Yacko as Ariel, Bryan Songy as Caliban, Genny Yosco as Miranda, Ryan Molloy as Ferdinand, Bob Rutan as Alonso, Matthew Preston as Antonio, Frankie Johnson as Sabrina, Leah Schwartz as Trinculo, Syndey Mattie as Stephano, Wendy Watt as Francisca/Juno, and Giordano Carranza as Gonzalo.

Once again, if you'd like to hang out with us swashbucklers, grab your tickets here!

November/December 2018 -
People, we will be over-exerting ourselves with TWO projects right in a row. First up is the first musical we will ever produce, which we will be announcing after Tempest closes, and then we'll be reviving A Fifth Dimension for the millionth time because HAPPY NEW YEAR, HERE'S SOME CREEPY NONSENSE.

It's Just Sour Grapes!

August 2018 -
Photos of Midsummer and Subway Seat have been uploaded to our PAST PROJECTS page.

Our newest short film, Business as Usual, is up and running on our YouTube channel here.