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It's Just Sour Grapes!

January & February 2019 -
Photos and videos of our December 2018 shows, I Love My Wife and A Fifth Dimension: An Unauthorized Twilight Zone Parody  (both at The Kraine Theater, and A Fifth Dimension SOLD OUT if you didn't hear!) are up on our Past Projects page. We also have pics and a video of All I Wanna Do, which premiered at the 2019 SEX! Short Play Festival at The Players Theatre, up on our Past Projects page. Go take a look and see what you missed!

August 2019 -
Our monthly show is back! Yep, a mime offended us on both personal and professional levels, so we went out and made a whole damn mime show purely out of spite, and starting September 2019 we will be performing the first Thursday of every month at Under St. Mark's Theater.. SILENT BUT DEADLY: A Mime Experience is here and it's NOT going away any time soon.

Cast is as follows:

Genny Yosco - Blue
Dorie Casper - Evergreen

Katherine Yacko -
Leyla A -
Hadas Pacholder -
Ellen Ko -
Saturday Lawson -
Danny Epstein -

We'll be holding auditions soon for anyone who'd like to join the revelry! If anyone would like more details, contact us at

We wear makeup and pull ropes, y'all. Let's get weird. Grab your tickets right here.

July 2019 -
Casting info for Go Puck Yourself is here!

We've got Sour Grapes veterans returning for this project, including Bob Rutan (2018 Tempest, ‚ÄčAlonso) as Peter Quince, Chris Weigandt (2018/19 revival of A Fifth Dimension) as Hippolyta, Genny Yosco (2019 2 Shrews, 1 Chalice, Katherine) as Titania, Katrina Mattson (2019 2 Shrews, 1 Chalice, Baptista) as Oberon, Dorie Casper (2019 2 Shrews, 1 Chalice, Biondello) as Bottom, David Yurch (2019 Bodega, Mark) as Demetrius, Elizabeth Claflin (2019 2 Shrews, 1 Chalice, Mega Multi Role) as Lyra, and Andy McCain (2017 Just Gone, Jake) as Puck.

Joining us for the first time are Katelyn Kennedy Staggs as Peaseblossom/Snout, Michael Mayher as Theseus, Shoshana Canali as Egeus/Cobweb/Snug, Matthew Zimmerman as Hayden, and Jenny O'Connell as Hermia.

If you'd like to grab tickets to Go Puck Yourself in advance, get 'em here, and be sure to check out FRIGID New York's full calendar before then to see if there's anything else you like!