It's Just Sour Grapes!

February 2018 -
We have two shows happening - what's wrong with us??

First up is Business as Usual at the 2018 SEX! Short Play Festival. We got to play with these guys for their 2017 BOO! Festival, and we're super excited to have been selected to come back again.

The show runs February 8th - 11th, and tickets can be found here. The show stars Genny Yosco (Miss Evangeline), Bryan Songy (Vermin), and Jack Butler (Fart Boy).

Also, our third year at the FRIGID Festival is upon us!! We open our 2018 revival of As He Likes It: A Shakesqueer Comedy on February 17th, and a tickets can be found here (P.S. you can use the code BILLYSHAKES at checkout for a discount!)

As He Likes It is an LBGTQ adaptation of William Shakespeare's As You Like It, with concept and additional dialogue by Chris Weigandt and Genny Yosco, and will be directed by Genny Yosco.

Returning to this run of the show are Will Dietzler (Touchstone), Chris Weigandt (Audrey), and Genny Yosco (Phoebe), back in their roles from the 2016 run. Also returning to this project are Wendy Watt (Silvia) and Bryan Songy (Ross), taking on new roles this time.

Fun actor from previous Sour Grapes Productions shows joining this cast is Matthew Preston (Oliver/Oliver Martext), and new to both this show AND Sour Grapes are Matthew K. Sears (Orlando), Amanda Nicastro (Celia), Anthony Host (Duke Fredrick/Duke Senior), Jack Butler (Jaques), Ken Dillon (Charles/Le Beau/Lord/Amiens/William/Jaques de Bois), and Katherine Yacko (Adam/Corinne/Goddess Hymen).

January 2018 -
Photos of our 2017 NYNW show and our 2017 Boo! Short Play Festival show can now be found on our Past Projects page!

Also, our newest short film, Don't Be Such a Dummy, is now up and running on YouTube! You can find it here.