It's Just Sour Grapes!

May 2021 - SEVEN Years of Sour Grapes in NYC!
Wow, time flies!! Yes, our first ever show, The Orphan Train, ran from May 23rd - June 6th in 2014. To celebrate, we're having a festival! The 2021 Down to Clown Festival opens May 23rd, and features shows from Punchline Loading, Doggotainment, Death/Play or the Mad Jester or the Warsaw Ghetto, BURN mARALAGO, and Nongenue. As part of the festival, we'll also be producing Noises Off - info and tickets can be found here!

But BEFORE this, we're actually having some shows in the 2021 Pittsburgh Fringe Festival!! im ur hamlet. is streaming live all month starting May 8th, and Bard Brunch is having a Pittsburgh Fringe takeover May 8th & 9th for free on the Pittsburgh Fringe social media channels.

Every Sunday at 1pm EST
In August of 2020, Genny Yosco realized that she knew of so many upcoming Shakespeare shows, but not a lot of her friends knew about them as well. She decided to create one cohesive place where you could find them, and thus Bard Brunch was born! Every Sunday at 1pm EST, Genny makes a brunchy food or cocktail, and then interviews an upcoming Shakespeare show. All shows can be watched for free on the Sour Grapes Productions YouTube and Facebook page.

April 2019 - present
Our monthly show is back! Yep, a mime offended us on both personal and professional levels, so we went out and made a whole damn mime show purely out of spite, and starting September 2019 we will be performing the first Thursday of every month at Under St. Mark's Theater.. SILENT BUT DEADLY: A Mime Experience is here and it's NOT going away any time soon.

Cast is as follows:

Genny Yosco - Blue
Dorie Casper - Evergreen

Katherine Yacko -
Hadas Pacholder -
Ellen Ko -
Saturday Lawson -

Lulu Virasoro - Red

We'll be holding rolling auditions for anyone who'd like to join the revelry! If anyone would like more details, contact us at

We wear makeup and pull ropes, y'all. Let's get weird. Grab your tickets right here.

September 2019 - present
We have another montly show!! CHEMICAL X: The Powerpuff Girls Improv Showwill be playing the fourth Tuesday of every month at 7pm. You can grab your tickets right here, and use code SGP at checkout for a little discount. 

Cast is as follows:

Genny Yosco -Bubbles

Saturday Lawson -Buttercup

​Matthew Sears - Professor Utonium & HIM & Gangreen Gang Lil Arturo & Rowdyruff Boomer

​Paeton Chavis - Sara Bellum & Princess Morbucks & Gangreen Gang Snake & Rowdyruff Brick & Amoeba Junior

Denisse Estefany Mendoza - Miss Keane & Sedusa  & Fuzzy Lumpkins & Gangreen Gang Ace D Copular & Rowdyruff Butch

Dillon Herbig - Mayor of Townsville & Mojo Jojo & Gangreen Gang Big Billy & Ameoba Bossman