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Yes, we have personal cell phone numbers. While we will sometimes give them to people who have already booked with us so they can reach out day-of if we step out for lunch or anything, we do not list our personal cell phone information. PLEASE do not give out our personal cell phone numbers to friends of yours who may want to book with us.

The easiest way to reach us it through one of these forms. If you have a question that is more general in nature, please email

We are booked at all hours of the day for film shoots, rehearsals, classes, and performances. By filling out a form or sending us an email, we can answer your queries without disrupting other bookings.

On February 1st, 2021 (well, okay, technically January 30th, but the lease didn't start until February 1st), we decided to do the most stupid thing we have ever done and get our own theater space. This is something that we've wanted since we started producing in New York back in 2014, so we are excited and we already have too many plans and not enough time.

(Well, one of us has the time, as she was promptly fired from her job due to her acquiring this space. BUT ANYWAY.)

As the only lunatics to get a theater space during a pandemic, we know the risks. We're fully down to keep producing online content for as long as we gotta. The only change now is that we have way more availability to do so, and the only schedules we need to work around are our own.‚Äč




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