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The Comedy of Errors/La Commedia degli Errori

Run time: 60 minutes

What generates errors during a pandemic? Why do we continue to separate ourselves from each other? Where and how do we find love and connection across countries in a world increasingly adverse to travel? What is the future of actors during isolation and how do we overcome obstacles and transform them into an opportunity? This bi-lingual version of Shakespeare's classic play The Comedy of Errors will show audiences the broad appeal of Shakespeare’s plays, even in a time of quarantine. The show highlights the need for levity, love and cross-cultural connection in a world that desperately needs it. Using their household items and whatever they can find, our pared down cast will utilize whatever they can (including subtitles) to poke fun at our pandemic world.


​Sunday July 18th at 2pm Eastern
Wednesday July 21st at 2pm Eastern
Saturday July 24th at 2pm Eastern
​Tuesday July 27th at 2pm Eastern
​Friday July 30th at 2pm Eastern

This show will be streamed out online as part of the 2021 So Many Shakespeares festival.