It's Just Sour Grapes!


​written and performed by Killy "Mockstar" Dwyer

directed by Bricken Sparacino

Run time: 60 minutes

(Digital) theater has gone to the dogs! Doggotainment is a fun, interactive show for you and your dog to enjoy together. With music, tricks, treats and a best in show contest starring your puppers, this show will give you both a new leash on life! *Come dressed to impress the pupperazzi! 
Longer description: Let Killy and Tucker the Wonderpup be your pack leaders for a power hour of pupper related Doggotainment! With songs like “I Wanna Smell Your Butt”, “Boop The Snoot” and “Dog In A Basket”, tricks, treats and a Best in Show contest with prizes for best costume, funniest teefs and waggy-est tail, this show will not only bring you and your pooch joy, but it will strengthen your bond and you might just walk away with howlarious prize: a personalized theme song for your doggo! 


Saturday May 29th, 5pm Eastern Time / 2pm Pacific Time
Wednesday June 2nd, 8:30pm Eastern time / 5:30pm Pacific time

This show will be streamed out online as part of the 2021 Down to Clown Festival.

WEDNESDAY June 2nd 8:30pm EST virtual ticket, $15

SATURDAY May 29th 5pm EST virtual ticket, $15

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