It's Just Sour Grapes!

Death / Play, or the Mad Jester of the Warsaw Ghetto​
​written by Henry Greenspan 

Run time: 60 minutes, including post-show talkback

Rubinstein (first name unknown) was the most popular figure in the Warsaw Ghetto, 1941-42. His street antics and barbed sayings were daily news. His antagonist is Gancwaych, a feared Jewish collaborator with the Gestapo and corrupt survivalist. Rubinstein works to convince Gancwaych that, in essence, no one will survive. But art and the capacity to play may endure, even within inescapable death.


Wednesday May 26th, 8pm Eastern time / 5pm Pacific time
Tuesday June 1st, 8pm Eastern time / 5pm Pacific time

Sunday June 6th, 12pm Eastern time / 9am Pacific time

This show will be streamed out online as part of the 2021 Down to Clown Festival.

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TUESDAY June 1st 8pm EST virtual ticket, $15

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