It's Just Sour Grapes!

TUESDAY May 25th 8pm EST virtual ticket link, $15


Run time: 60 minutes

BURN mARALAGO, Detroit's premiere high-velocity-clown-punk collective, was birthed out of a need to provide catharsis for our rage. The clown's job is to hold a mirror to society, and sometimes that means embracing the primal need to SCREAM. Our group has fun making punk music, clowning around, embracing our rage, and making time to be ridiculous when everything feels so heavy. 

BURN mARALAGO's (BML) co-founder, Rose Carver, never dreamed of being a clown until she had the opportunity to attend a masterclass in France with clowns like Slava Polunin and Jango Edwards. This transformed how she viewed art and music, and thus, a new punk collective was born. Rose saw how much fun creating from a place of pure authentic expression could be, and since then, she's been trying to inspire others to get back to play! Co-Founders Rose Carver and Alex Nouhan saw BML as a way to channel their feelings about the politics in the United States, and it is a collective because everyone is invited to participate and create! BML is known for their interactive and irreverent antics through a punk rock motif. BML wants to make you a little uncomfortable, chanting "F*** You, Help me!" while spitting out blood and shredding guitars. BML's goal is to allow for our founded rage to be a source of togetherness and remembering we are all human, and we can all access our innate right to clown around at any point.


Tuesday May 25th, 8pm Eastern time / 5pm Pacific time
Saturday May 29th, 8:30pm Eastern time / 5:30pm Pacific time

This show will be streamed out online as part of the 2021 Down to Clown Festival.

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