Chemical X: The Powerpuff Girls Improv Show

SILENT BUT DEADLY is the mime show you never asked for!

Oh hey guys!! You know how we've won awards for playwrighting and stuff? Well, words are hard, so we now have a MONTHLY SHOW!!

SILENT BUT DEADLY is a mixture of dance, clown, and mime, all with the intent to make audiences laugh without any of us having to learn our lines - I mean, er - using body language? Yeah, that's it, body language. Artsy stuff like that. Using our head, shoulders, knees, and toes, we'll be contorting and wiggling into your hearts and nightmares.

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CHEMICAL X: come unleash a can of whoopass!


2019 - present

Tickets to A Fifth Dimension can be found here!


2019 - present

Sugar, spice, and everything nice - plus a whole can of whoopass!

The fourth Tuesday of every month, your favorite Little Miss Badasses will be defending the citizens of Townsville. A group of loud improvisors will make up never-before-seen episodes of PPG on the spot, so come grab a drink and revel with these femme-fueled butt-kicking superheros!

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It's Just Sour Grapes!

September 2019
We now have a SECOND monthly show, y'all! Get ready for CHEMICAL X: The Powerpuff Girls Improv Show, which will be the fourth Tuesday of every month at 7pm. Grab your tickets here and get ready for all kids of butt-kicking fun!

August 2019

SILENT BUT DEADLY: A Mime Experience is moving to a new home!! We'll be at Under St. Mark's Theater the first Thursday of every month at 10:30pm, tickets can be found here, you can use code SGP at checkout for a discount, and cast details and stuff can be found on our Upcoming Projects page. We open Sept 5th!!

December 2019/January 2020
We're ending the year the way we always do - with A Fifth Dimension: An Unauthorized Twilight Zone Parody. This year marks the 60th Anniversary of The Twilight Zone, so we'll be having some extra fun raffles during our intermission and ringing in the new year with style! Grab your tickets here.