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We have a new short up on our YouTube page, which you can watch here. If you'd like to revisit all of the past Sour Grapes Productions films, you can look at them all here!

February 2018
We have TWO plays opening this month - what are we, idiots?! (Yes, yes we are.)

First up, we have Business as Usual, opening at the 2018 SEX! Short Play Festival. We'll be a part of a super sexy showblock from February 8th - 11th at the Players Theater, and ticket info can be found here.

Next is our 2018 revival of As He Likes It: A Shakesqueer Comedy, which will be playing at the FRIGID Festival. This will be our third year with the festival, and we're so excited to bring this project to life once more! Tickets are available here, and you can use the code BILLYSHAKES at checkout for a discount just because we like you.

Tickets can be found here!

As He Likes It logo by Double Maximus



Our newest short film, Don't Be Such a Dummy, is now online!

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