Buy Tickets to NY Summerfest

Tickets to our 2017 NY Summerfest show are now live!

August 2017
Our NY Summefest show, Sex Jokes & Murder: A Brief Look At What's Wrong With Us, and What's Oh So Right, opens August 10th! Maybe you should go buy tickets while you can or something, I don't know.



May 2017

Our 2017 Radioactive Festival show, Just Gone, went exceedingly well - one reviewer called our play a "gem of a show" so HAHA, suckers! Link to show photos can be found on our Past Projects page.

April 2017
Our Past Projects and Upcoming Projects pages have been updated! Go look at all the awesome new details for our summer projects!

It's Just Sour Grapes!

Our 2017 NY Summerfest Production of Sex Jokes & Murder are available here! This play is written by Genny Yosco, and we will be posting a completed cast list as soon as we can - although we guarantee you'll see some familiar faces!

June 2017
Casting for our 2017 NY Summerfest show will be available as soon as we know for sure who we don't hate as much as everyone else!

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