May 2018
Guess what, y'all? WE HAVE AN OFFICIAL HOME!

Yes, we now are a resident company of Horse Trade & FRIGID New York! We can't be more proud and excited to completely ruin their lives.

To celebrate, we're doing a one-night-only production of A Midsummer Night's Dream on May 24th. Tickets are $15, OR $10 at the door if you say Billy Shakes, OR if you'd like to see the show for ABSOLUTELY FREE, just wear any kind of toga to the show. Seriously, that's it.

June 2018
An original short play of ours called Subway Seat will be playing at the 2018 NYC! Short Play Festival at the Player's Theater. The show stars Amanda Nicastro, Genny Yosco, and Mike Spara. Tickets can be found here.

Tickets can be found here!



Videos of "As He Likes It" and "Business as Usual" are now on our YouTube channel!

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It's Just Sour Grapes!

Did you miss out on seeing As He Likes It at the 2018 FRIGID Festival? Well fear not! We taped the last performance, and you can watch it here.

We also had our short play at the 2018 SEX! Fest taped! That can be seen here.

If you'd like to revisit all of the past Sour Grapes Productions films, you can look at them all here!