Chemical X: The Powerpuff Girls Improv Show

Tickets and full fest passes can be found on our SoMaShakes page, as well as any updates.

Bard Brunch with Genny Yosco


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February 2021
So much news to share this month!!

First of all, WE HAVE A THEATER SPACE! 98 Moore Street in East Williamsburg is officially ours. Vist our Vino Theater tab to see pictures and rates!

Secondly, we WON so many Young-Howze Theatre Awards! The official wins are: Non-Profit Theatre of the Year, Genny Yosco for Screen Manager of the Year,  Hartford Fringe's Best of the Fest award-winner im ur hamlet. for Long-Form Zoom Play of the Year, and Chris Weigandt as Wyatt in im ur hamlet. for Comedic Performance of the Year.
We were also nominated for our weekly show Bard Brunch for Recurring Streaming Series of the Year, Genny's first ever solo show Is Full of Woe for Storyteller of the Year, and Ellen Ko as Cranberry in Silent But Deadly: A Mime Experience for Comedic Performance of the Year.

SILENT BUT DEADLY is the mime show you never asked for!

It's Just Sour Grapes!


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Bard Brunch with Genny Yosco introduces you to Shakespeare all over!

June 2021
The 2021 So Many Shakespeares is coming up - here are the participants!! Brawling Bard is back again this year, this time with their award-winning Comedy of (Zoom) Errors, Blind Cupid Shakespeare is bring La Commedia degli Errori, Punchline Loading... is back again with Comedy of Comedy of Errors, Momenti Productions is joining us with their Comedy of Errors, the hilarious Tim Mooney is bringing us Breakneck Comedy of Errors, and we ourselves will be putting on The Sorority of Errors. Tickets and full-fest passes can be bought on the SoMaShakes page!

Oh hey guys!! You know how we've won awards for playwrighting and stuff? Well, words are hard, so we now have a MONTHLY SHOW!!

SILENT BUT DEADLY is a mixture of dance, clown, and mime, all with the intent to make audiences laugh without any of us having to learn our lines - I mean, er - using body language? Yeah, that's it, body language. Artsy stuff like that. Using our head, shoulders, knees, and toes, we'll be contorting and wiggling into your hearts and nightmares.

Genny is a food-driven animal who wants to tell the world all about her new friends. So each week, she creates a Shakespeare-themed food or drink, and then sits down to virtually interview an upcoming online Shakespeare project!

May 2021
The 2021 Down to Clown Festival awards have been announced, and congrats to all winners! NONGENUE received Best Comedy, Doggotainment received Best in Show, Death/Play won Best Seller, Punchline Loading... won Best Ensemble, and BURN mARALAGO won Best Music. Hooray for everyone, yay!!

Sugar, spice, and everything nice - plus a whole can of whoopass!

The fourth Tuesday of every month, your favorite Little Miss Badasses will be defending the citizens of Townsville. A group of loud improvisors will make up never-before-seen episodes of PPG on the spot, so come grab a drink and revel with these femme-fueled butt-kicking superheros!

CHEMICAL X: come unleash a can of whoopass!


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